Meet the founders of A Splash of Color

John Paul Fernandes

John’s creativity was always been a part of his life as a young child and young adult. As time went on he began to get very good at what he did. His interest in those artists  like Michael Angelo to Jackson Pollock,  were an inspiration to him. He tried Architecture class and mechanical drawing, witch led him to an interest in antique furniture and furnishings of the centuries past. He saw many antiques at his fathers used furniture store. Studying the dove tail draws and the peg furniture, the Bentwood Victorian, Empire, Craftsman, the Chippendale and Queen Ann. Because of his fathers properties he also appreciated the architecture that surrounded him in the small town he lived. Noticing the ornate doors, the gingerbread Victorians, the Greek revivals, and the Tuscan look of the colonial homes.

Later, JP and Donn held paint parties.

The former owner of Sea Side Nursery school that opened in 1983, and was active in the business for 32 years. He was an active member in many Art groups in the area and has volunteered his skills, in theater, Ballet building sets and props, and as a board member of the Fall river arts association and Portsmouth Art Guild. His dream was always to create art that began in 2004 he began to join art groups and enter shows. He began to receive awards for his art and gained recognition by other Artists and Art Groups. With support from his Husband. Donn’s encouragement and suggestion to display his artwork at a local restaurant, the artwork was displayed monthly. Later JP held Paint and Drink nights, once a month until the closing of the restaurant in 2015.Together they began to do fund raisers. That is how the Idea to go out and create this business. The desire to help people learn and appreciate Art while enjoying a good time with friends and Raising funds for a cause that is dear to their hearts with “SPLASH OF COLOR, paint and sip PARTY!!”

This Business is a way for people to feel fearless in creating art. Having a professional artist to teach step by step Instructed class while sharing laughter with friends is the goal. Art is a way to create something unique and a way to release tension, it is a part of the person creating it, that is why each one is unique. Just like the person that has created the work. We want them to be proud of the work they create, and have the courage to return to create again.

John’s work is being shown at New Hope Gallery at Cranston Senior Services Center, Cranston Street, Cranston RI, and JerryArt Gallery located in Idylwild, California, as well as at A Splash of Color.

Donn Fernandes

As a co-owner, Donn shares what goes on behind the scenes as well as out front, taking care of the business side of A SPLASH OF COLOR. Donn and JP share similar creative sides, making something plain, dazzle with excitement, while having a fun time doing it!
Interacting with the clients is an important quality that Donn has. His fun, zany personality is one of the key ingredients for making a sip and paint party a success.
An Entrepreneur, Donn’s passion for culinary arts, brings out his creative presentation & skills for an exciting mouth watering experience, which at times, clients will be able to taste while sipping their wine or other beverage at the paint & sip.